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Movie Quote of the Day – Frequency, 2000 (dir. Gregory Hoblit)

John Sullivan: Listen Gordo, my name is Santa Claus and I’m going to give you the biggest Christmas present that you’ve ever had.
Gordo Hersch (8 Years old): I better give you my address then.
John Sullivan: No, no, no. Don’t worry about it kid. Now, this is important. Something you’ve got to remember for a long time. Yahoo.
Gordo Hersch (8 Years old): What’s that?
John Sullivan: It’s a magic word. It’s like abracadabra, only better.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Count of Monte Cristo, 2002 (dir. Kevin Reynolds)

Count of Monte Cristo: May I steal your wife?
Fernand: Excuse me?
Count of Monte Cristo: For the waltz?

The Thin Red Line to be released on Criterion DVD and Blu-Ray

This is so exciting! Terrence Malick is my favorite director and The Thin Red Line is one of my Top Ten Favorite movies of all time. The news leaked a few weeks ago, but I was waiting for the cover artwork to get released before writing about it. I actually thought Fox or someone would release a ten-year anniversary edition in 2008 but that never happened. I may already own the crap Fox War Classics version of this film on DVD, but I also own two versions of Malick’s The New World. so I have no qualms about buying this again.

DVD/Blu-Ray specs after the cut.

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(500) Days of Summer and 9 Other Great Films the Academy Completely Ignored This Decade

I was really shocked that (500) Days of Summer was completely ignored by the Academy this year. It was on several critic’s top ten lists. It had won several critic awards for its screenplay. I really thought, at the very least, it would get nods for Original Screenplay and Editing (hello, that Expectations vs. Reality scene was fucking awesome). I even had it on my predictions for Best Picture.

Alas, this was not the case and was probably, for me, the biggest disappoint of Tuesday’s announcements. However, this is not the first time an amazing piece of cinema has gone completely un-lauded by the Academy. I’ve picked one film from each year of this past decade that also has zero Oscar nominations to its name.

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