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Noirvember 2021 In Films

This year was the 12th year of Noirvember! Truly cannot believe how big the tradition has gotten. This year I was on NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour talking all things noir, for Inverse I wrote about the noir roots of Batman, for Letterboxd I wrote about five under the radar neo noir films directed by women, for Nerdist I wrote about ten noir films based on works written by women, and for the Classic Film Collection I wrote about The Hitch-Hiker and a poem about femme fatales. In terms of reviews, I wrote about Passing and The Power of the Dog for Crooked Marquee, Eternals for Moviefone, and Yellowjackets and Kurt Vonnegut: Unstuck In Time for The Playlist. For my Moviefone column I interview Joanna Hogg about The Souvenir: Part II, Blerta Basholli about Hive, Julie Cohen & Betsy West about Julia, Danis Goulet about Night Raiders, and Tatiana Huezo about Prayers For The Stolen. Lastly, for Emmy Magazine I wrote about Women In Media’s CAMERAderie program.

As always, you can find everything I watched plus some highlighted favorites after the cut.

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Movie Quote of the Day – My Name Is Julia Ross, 1945 (dir. Joseph H. Lewis)


Nurse: Who’d she say you were?
Sparkes: Oh, some woman from some agency. Last week she thought I was the Queen.
Nurse: Comin’ down in the world, aren’t you?

Movie Quote of the Day – The Big Combo, 1955 (dir. Joseph H. Lewis)

Alicia Brown: I’d rather be insane and alive, than sane. . .and dead.

Movie Quote of the Day – Gun Crazy, 1950 (dir. Joseph H. Lewis)

Bart: You were going to kill that man!
Annie Laurie Starr: He’d have killed us if he had the chance!