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52 Films By Women To Stream On Netflix and Amazon Prime

To help people with their 52 Films By Women challenge this year I thought I’d put together a list of some of my favorite films directed by women that are easily accessible on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Keep in mind that this is in no way all of the films directed by women available on these services, but rather a selection of films I have seen and enjoy. There are also many more films available to rent on Amazon Video as well. Think of this as a jumping off point! Also if you have not taken the 52 Films By Women pledge yet you can do so here.

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Movie Quote of the Day – The Dish & the Spoon, 2011 (dir. Alison Bagnall)


Boy: I don’t really understand Thanksgiving. Like, what. . .I thought you annihilated the indians, not sat down and had a big dinner with them.
Rose: No, we did. Both.
Boy: What? You. .  So you celebrate killing them? That’s. . .that’s the celebration?
Rose: No, no-no-no, the indians did end up all dead but what we celebrate is the meal that happened before we killed them, because when we got here, they had things that we wanted, and we had things that they wanted – like guns and drinks – and it was a mutually beneficial relationship; and then, at some point, our needs conflicted – and when needs conflict, most of the time, one person gets what they want and the other person doesn’t – so we gave them smallpox on purpose, and then we continued to sort of systematically kill them – but what we celebrate is. . .the meal that we had before any of that happened, when everything was good.
Boy: Hitler. . .Hitler was popular before the killing. You know? People don’t celebrate that.
Rose: But he didn’t have dinner with the Jews. You see my point?
Boy: No.

Movie Quote of the Day – Frances Ha, 2013 (dir. Noah Baumbach)


Waitress: Sorry, but the card didn’t go through. Do you have another card you want to try?
Frances: Oh, shit, sorry. Um, uhh this is a debit card.
Waitress: Only credit cards or cash.
Frances: Okay. I’m so embarrassed. I’m not a real person yet.