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Movie Quote of the Day – The Spiral Staircase, 1946 (dir. Robert Siodmak)


Dr. Parry: She was just in my office last week.
Dr. Harvey: Did she pay her bill, or was this her way of getting out of it?
Dr. Parry: I don’t have enough experience to make that sort of joke.

Movie Quote of the Day – Cause for Alarm!, 1951 (dir. Tay Garnett)


Ellen Jones: It was one of those awful dreams, the kind I used to have when George was overseas. That man lying there was George, my husband, and he was dead. He died trying to kill me.

Movie Quote of the Day – House by the River, 1950 (dir. Fritz Lang)

Stephen Byrne: Don’t you realize, Marjorie, your reading the manuscript has solved everything? You know, I met Emily on the stairs. She was coming down from her bath. She’d used your perfume. She looked rather pretty and I wanted to kiss her, but she got frightened and screamed. I had to stop her screaming! I didn’t mean to kill her. I hardly touched her, but I didn’t realize how easy it would be. So very easy.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Reckless Moment, 1949 (dir. Max Ophüls)

Martin: She’s lucky to have a mother like you.
Lucia Harper: Everyone has a mother like me. You probably had one, too.