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Movie Quote of the Day – Radio Days, 1987 (dir. Woody Allen)


Mother: You’ve got this sixth sense for picking losers. Sometimes I wonder. . .do you really want to get married?
Bea: More than anything! Don’t you think I want to have a child before it’s too late? God, how I envy you. I just want it to be perfect.
Mother: Well, it’s never perfect. If you wait for perfect, you don’t get pregnant. You wind up with your teeth in a glass of water.

My Love For Woody Allen: Week 2

You can read part one of my four-part look at Woody Allen’s filmography here and don’t forget about the Woody Allen Blogathon on May 20th! This post covers Allen’s work from 1982 to 1990. It’s the beginning of his fruitful decade-long collaboration with Mia Farrow and contains some of Allen’s greatest and most memorable films.

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