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Movie Quote of the Day – The Preacher’s Wife, 1996 (dir. Penny Marshall)


Julia Biggs: Every fire dies sometime, Dudley. What do you do when you need to decide if the memory of it is enough?
Dudley: What do you do?
Julia Biggs: Yeah.
Dudley: What you do is. . . you go dancing!

Movie Quote of the Day – The Clock, 1945 (dir. Vincente Minnelli)


Alice Mayberry: Suppose we hadn’t met?
Corporal Joe Allen: We couldn’t have not met.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Bishop’s Wife, 1947 (dir. Henry Koster)

Dudley: The only people who grow old were born old to begin with.

Movie Quote of the Day – Portrait of Jennie, 1948 (dir. William Dieterle)

Miss Spinney: I’m an old maid; and nobody knows more about love than an old maid.