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Movie Quote of the Day – Syriana, 2005 (dir. Stephen Gaghan)

Bob Barnes: If anything happens to me or my family. . .an accident, an accusation, anything. . .then, first, your son will disappear. His body will never be found. Then your wife. Her body will never be found either. Now, this is guaranteed. [beat] Then whatever is the most dangerous thing that you do in your life. . .it might be flying in a small plane. . .it might be walking to the bank. . .you’ll be killed. [beat] Understand what I’m saying? I want you to acknowledge that you understand so that we’re clear and there won’t be any mistakes.
Dean Whitting: Beirut rules, Mr. Barnes?

Jeremy Renner and the Best Actor Race

I’ve yet to see A Single Man or Crazy Heart, mostly due to living in the middle of nowhere, and thus can only comment on the three performances I have seen. I enjoyed George Clooney in Up In The Air, but he was better in Michael Clayton. My opinion on Morgan Freeman in Invictus will come up later on in this post. That leaves Jeremy Renner in The Hurt Locker. And of the three I’ve seen, he has my vote. It’ll be a difficult race for him, but I think he has a chance of pulling it off. He had perhaps my favorite reaction to his nomination when interviewed on Good Morning America yesterday. When asked about his competition, he replied, “I’ve gotta break some serious legs.”

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20 Years of Best Supporting Actor nominees

This will conclude my posts featuring my favorite Academy Award nominated performances from the last 20 years. Just like my post dedicated to Best Actor nominees I couldn’t narrow it down to ten, so there are fifteen again. I guess I tend to like actors more than actresses. If you’re interested in buying any of the films discussed below, click here.

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