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Movie Quote of the Day – Bury Me Dead, 1947 (dir. Bernard Vorhaus)


Barbara Carlin: Keep following the procession.
Cab Driver: Whose funeral is it anyway?
Barbara Carlin: Mine.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Sniper, 1952 (dir. Edward Dmytryk)


Police Lt. Frank Kafka: All I have to do is catch him.
Dr. James G. Kent: You’ll catch ’em, and they’ll kill ’em, and everyone will forget about it. . . that is until the next one comes along. Then it will start all over again.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Spiral Staircase, 1946 (dir. Robert Siodmak)


Dr. Parry: She was just in my office last week.
Dr. Harvey: Did she pay her bill, or was this her way of getting out of it?
Dr. Parry: I don’t have enough experience to make that sort of joke.

Movie Quote of the Day – Daybreak, 1948 (dir. Compton Bennett)


Eddie: Nice picture.
Frankie: Not bad. A bit soppy.
Eddie: I don’t know.
Frankie: All that business about him falling in love with a girl’s picture. Men don’t fall in love with pictures. Not in real life, anyways.
Eddie: Not so sure about that.
Frankie: Well, I am.
Eddie: Perhaps you’ve met the wrong kind of man.

Movie Quote of the Day – Affair in Trinidad, 1952 (dir. Vincent Sherman)


Chris Emery: Funny, isn’t it? When a person dies you only remember the good things.

Movie Quote of the Day – Smash-Up, the Story of a Woman, 1947 (dir. Stuart Heisler)


Ken Conway: Angel, maybe if you had a few less when you drink. I’d have nightmares too if I drank as much as you do.
Angelica ‘Angie’ ‘Angel’ Evans Conway: I don’t know what happens to me. I begin to feel so inadequate somehow and I need courage and it gives it to me.

Movie Quote of the Day – Talk About A Stranger, 1953 (dir. David Bradley)


Mrs. Campbell: Which would you rather have, Robert, a baby sister or a baby brother?
Robert: A dog!

Movie Quote of the Day – Man In The Attic, 1953 (dir. Hugo Fregonese)


Slade: The police will not find him.
Inspector Paul Warwick: Why not?
Slade: The police are searching for a criminal. In reality, there are no criminals, there are only people doing what they must do because they are who they are. So, perhaps the police are searching for someone who doesn’t exist.

Movie Quote of the Day – Strange Illusion, 1945 (dir. Edgar G. Ulmer)


George: Nice girls aren’t supposed to take jewelry from strange men.
Dorothy: He’s not a strange man.

Movie Quote of the Day – Dishonored Lady, 1947 (dir. Robert Stevenson)


Cop: I got a rule about women: if they ain’t breakin’ the law, leave ’em alone.