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Movie Quote of the Day – Sylvia, 2003 (dir. Christine Jeffs)


Sylvia: Do you think they prefer Milton or Chaucer?
Ted: Chaucer obviously!

Movie Quote of the Day – Hard Eight, 1996 (dir. Paul Thomas Anderson)

Sidney: You know, the first thing they should have taught you at hooker school: you get the money up front.
Clementine: Fuck you!

Movie Quote of the Day – Sliding Doors, 1998 (dir. Peter Howitt)

James: Cheer up, you know what the Monty Pythons always say…
Helen: “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition”

Miramax Offices Close – The End of An Era

I hear on the grapevine though that the Weinsteins, who were bought out of Miramax years ago and started their own company – The Weinstein Company, are still trying to get the name back. I hope they do.

All through the 90s and early 00s Miramax, under the Weinsteins, pretty much dominated the Academy Awards.

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