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Movie Quote of the Day – The Mask of Zorro, 1998 (dir. Martin Campbell)


Alejandro Murrieta: Do you surrender?
Elena: Never, but I may scream.
Alejandro Murrieta: I understand. Sometimes I have that effect.

Movie Quote of the Day – The Phantom, 1996 (dir. Simon Wincer)


The Phantom: All right, gentlemen, nobody. . .Ladies, kindly pardon my error. [gets shot at, jumps down laundry shoot] What is this, a ship full of women?
Sala: All my pilots are women.
The Phantom: Interesting.

Movie Quote of the Day – Traffic, 2000 (dir. Steven Soderbergh)

Voice: [over their headsets] Okay. She’s coming out. She’s leaving her property.
Gordon: The hell is she going?
Castro: Maybe the neighbors?
Gordon: No, I don’t think the neighbors are fucking with her too much right about now.
Castro: What does she have in her hand there?
Voice: [over their headsets] She seems to be heading for the van.
Gordon: Oh shit. W..w..what do we do?
Castro: I don’t know what we do. What do we do?
Gordon: What do you think she wants, man?
Castro: She’s your girlfriend. Maybe she’ll invite you to her baby shower.
[opens van door]
Gordon: Hello?
Helena: Would you like some lemonade? [beat] I was just making some.
Gordon: [to Castro] Want some lemonade?
Castro: [unsure] Sure.
Helena: I know this is a difficult situation and you’re only doing your jobs. I don’t wish you guys any ill-will or anything like that; but I have a favor to ask you.
Castro: You asking us for a favor?
Helena: Some man threatened my child. These charges have created so much attention and it seems to be bringing all the nut-jobs out of the nut jar, you know? [beat] Would you keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary.
Gordon: Sure. Yeah. Of course, we will.
Helena:  I really appreciate it.
Gordon: Sure.
Helena: Thanks.
Castro: Thank you for the lemonade.
[closes the doors]
Castro: I’m going to get this analyzed right away, bro.

Hailee Steinfeld and the Best Supporting Actress Race

There’s been a lot of chatter as of late on Twitter about 14 year-old Hailee Steinfeld’s chances at an Oscar nomination and whether her performance should be considered for Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress. The debate seems to be whether the role is a lead role or a supporting role. While I think it is a lead role, what is really in question is where she has the best chance of getting a nomination – and even perhaps winning. That’s how studios decide how to campaign a role. Though Steinfeld is the heart of True Grit, she has the best chance in the Best Supporting Actress category.

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Miramax Offices Close – The End of An Era

I hear on the grapevine though that the Weinsteins, who were bought out of Miramax years ago and started their own company – The Weinstein Company, are still trying to get the name back. I hope they do.

All through the 90s and early 00s Miramax, under the Weinsteins, pretty much dominated the Academy Awards.

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