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State of the Race: Updated Precursors Chart, Crunching The Numbers

Below I’ve got an updated look at the precursors chart. I think most, if not all, of the critics groups that give awards have given their awards. After the chart I’ve got the top frontrunners in a handful of categories.

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State of the Race: Precursors Chart

If my chart shows anything, it’s that The Artist is leading right now for Best Picture and it looks like Lubezki might just finally win himself an Oscar for his work on The Tree of Life. Also, Jessica Chastain is going to have a problem come Oscar time because per Academy rules a performer can only be nominated for one performance per category, so she may end up splitting her votes between too many roles and end up nomination-less.

I have the chart split into three sections because otherwise it is giant.

BAFTA Nominations Are In

There are a few odd things in this list, but keep in mind these are for Britain, so some films that are eligible for Oscar haven’t been released there yet. 

The one thing that is certain is Jeremy Renner is closer now to being a lock for a Best Actor nomination by the Academy.

Full list of nominees and my analysis after the cut.

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precursors chart, frontrunners and tight races…oh my!

I’ve made a chart of all the precursors that have announced winners, various critics, the national board of review, etc.


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