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Oscar Vault Monday – The Aviator, 2004 (dir. Martin Scorsese)

The Aviator is one of my favorites of director Martin Scorsese’s films (picking just one is just too hard, but if I were forced to choose I’d go with After Hours).  It’s both a stirring biopic and a colorful look at Old Hollywood, an era Scorsese clearly respects and adores. The film was nominated for eleven Academy Awards, winning five: Best Sound Mixing, Best Costume Design (won), Best Art Direction (won), Best Cinematography (won), Best Editing (won), Best Original Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor Alan Alda, Best Supporting Actress Cate Blanchett (won), Best Actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Best Director and Best Picture. With its eleven nominations and five wins, The Aviator had both more nominations and more wins than the Best Picture winner (Million Dollar Baby, which had seven nominations and four wins). The other films nominated for Best Picture that year were Finding Neverland, Ray, Sideways and winner Million Dollar Baby. I’m not going to say whether I think one film should have won over the other because I think both The Aviator and Million Dollar Baby have their merits and their detractors. I’m just glad Sideways didn’t win.

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Movie Quote of the Day – Control, 2007 (dir. Anton Corbijn)

Tony Wilson: Now remember, we are live, so no swearing or they will cut you off.
Rob Gretton: What about “arse”?
Tony Wilson: What?
Rob Gretton: Is “arse” a swear word?
Tony Wilson: It’s a swear word.
Bernard Sumner: No it’s not.
Tony Wilson: Bernard, out there, I know “arse” isn’t a swear word. Here, in TV land, “arse” is most definitely a swear word. You trust me? I know all about swearing and TV. I’m a master of knowing when I can and when I can’t.
Peter Hook: What about “big dog’s cock”? Can you say that?
Tony Wilson: [shakes head] No.

Movie Quote of the Day – A Walk On The Moon, 1999 (dir. Tony Goldwyn)

Pearl: What is your name?
Walker: Walker.
Pearl: Is that your last name?
Walker: My last name is Jerome.
Pearl: You’re backwards.

Movie Quote of the Day – Syriana, 2005 (dir. Stephen Gaghan)

Bob Barnes: If anything happens to me or my family. . .an accident, an accusation, anything. . .then, first, your son will disappear. His body will never be found. Then your wife. Her body will never be found either. Now, this is guaranteed. [beat] Then whatever is the most dangerous thing that you do in your life. . .it might be flying in a small plane. . .it might be walking to the bank. . .you’ll be killed. [beat] Understand what I’m saying? I want you to acknowledge that you understand so that we’re clear and there won’t be any mistakes.
Dean Whitting: Beirut rules, Mr. Barnes?

Movie Quote of the Day – The Strawberry Blonde, 1941 (dir. Raoul Walsh)

Virginia: I don’t want him to think I’m staring at him. You look, Amy, and tell me what you think.
Amy: Well, the only one I can see clearly from here is the horse. . .and I’m disappointed in him.

Movie Quote of the Day – Portrait of Jennie, 1948 (dir. William Dieterle)

Miss Spinney: I’m an old maid; and nobody knows more about love than an old maid.

Movie Quote of the Day – Nickelodeon, 1976 (dir. Peter Bogdanovich)

H. H. Cobb: All those people going to see the pictures. And a lot of them can’t even talk American. Then they don’t have to because pictures are a language that everybody understands. It’s like music for the eyes. And if you’re good, if you’re really good, then maybe what you’re doing is giving them little tiny pieces of time that they never forget.

Movie Quote of the Day – 42nd Street, 1933 (dir. Lloyd Bacon)

Julian Marsh: Sawyer, you’re going out a youngster, but you’ve *got* to come back a star!

Oscar Vault Monday – The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, 2002 (dir. Peter Jackson)

The second film in Peter Jackson’s epic trilogy, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is also quiet possibly the least discussed film in the series. It’s actually my favorite of the three films; I thought so when I first saw it and I still think so today. I think it’s got the hardest job of the three films. It has to follow the build up of the first film, their journey now split into multiple storylines. It also sets up the masterful conclusion of the third film. I think Jackson did a fantastic job keeping the pace and interest going throughout the film. The film also received the least Academy Award nominations of the three films (The Fellowship of the Ring received 13 nominations, winning four; The Return of the King received 11 nominations, winning in every category it was nominated including Best Picture). The Two Towers received six nominations, winning two: Best Sound Mixing, Best Sound Editing (won), Best Art Direction, Best Editing, Best Visual Effects (won) and Best Picture. The other films nominated for Best Picture that year were Gangs of New York, The Hours, The Pianist and winner Chicago.

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Movie Quote of the Day – Never Let Me Go, 2010 (dir. Mark Romanek)

Kathy H.: What I’m not sure about is if our lives have been so different from the lives we save. We all complete. Maybe none of us understand what we’ve lived through or feel we’ve had enough time.