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My Love For Woody Allen: Week 3

So here we are, the last decade of Woody Allen’s directorial filmography (you can see my first three post here, here and here). I am going to be honest right away and say that I pretty much hate and/or dislike all of these films. Okay, maybe not all. There is one that I actually like and three that I thought were “okay,” but the rest I either dislike or downright hate. So my discussions of them are not going to be very long because frankly I don’t want to waste my time writing about them. Feel free to disagree all you want, but that’s just how I feel about it. Also, don’t forget about the Woody Allen Blogathon on Friday!

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A Deluge of New Posters

I’m going to let these posters speak for themselves I think.

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Trailer for Woody Allen’s “You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger”

This looks promising. I haven’t really liked most of what I’ve seen of Allen’s later oeuvre of movies. This looks like it could be more like is films from the 80s and 90s – my favorite period in Allen’s career. Regardless, the cast looks amazing, so at least there’s that.

You can see the trailer here at Yahoo! movies. This film is rated R for language and releases September 22, 2010.